Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Six Easy Ways to Have Outdoor Fun With Your Kids

Getting the kids outdoors is a greater challenge today than ever before.  Smartphones, game systems, and social media have made it convenient for kids to hole up in their rooms.  Family time has taken a back seat and in some cases disappeared altogether.  There are some easy outdoor activities you can do with your kids to get them re-engaged with the big yellow ball we know as the sun and re-engage family relationships at the same time.

1. Hike the neighborhood park
You don’t have to drive out of town, or even out of state, to enjoy hiking with your kids.  Most neighborhoods and small towns have a park with some good trails.  You may know of a local farmer or rancher who would be kind enough to let you roam their land.  If you’re lucky enough to have a river nearby, there are typically some good hiking areas around these bodies of water that are typically public lands.
2. Camping at a state park
If you’re somewhat adventurous, state parks are a great option for a short camping trip.  Most states have a system of parks that are well maintained, very inexpensive, and have some great outdoor activities available.  Most will offer tent and RV camping spots, and you can find several that will offer small cabins for rental if tents aren’t your thing.
3. Chillin’ in hammocks
There are some great camping hammocks out there that are easy to set up and comfortable for spending a day being lazy or even spending the night.  All you need is a couple of trees and a few hours to just hang out.  Kids love hammocks, and they’re a great option for a few hours lying around in the park or camping out overnight.

4. Family bike ride
Again, you don’t have to drive anywhere to get a thrill out of this option.  Getting outdoors and taking a bike ride around the neighborhood can be time well spent with the kids.  There is always the option of heading out of town and riding bikes on mountain trails or that same landowner that lets you hike his property.
5. Get a Frisbee
What kid doesn’t love throwing a Frisbee around.  This is another one where finding a local park or an empty lot can make for a fun time at little to no cost.  There’re all kinds of “Frisbee” options these days, so find one or several at your local store and go toss them around.
6. Go hunting
Now I know not everyone is into hunting deer, hogs, turkey, etc.  Some of the most fun can be hunting for different kinds of bugs, unique rocks to put in a rock collection, strange plants, or any other thing you can think of that interests you.  It’s about getting outdoors and enjoying time together.

Now grab your kids, drag them away from the Xbox and iPhone, and get outdoors.  Vitamin D and great family memories are in store!

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