Saturday, March 18, 2017

Five Homemade Fire Starters

Campfires aren’t always a necessity, but what’s a weekend family outing without one?  Starting the campfire can be a challenge sometimes, but if you have a little knowledge, some good tinder and kindling, a good fire starter, and some patience you should have marshmallows roasting in no time.  Getting the fire started can be tricky sometimes.  Assuming you have assembled your tinder, kindling and fuel properly, you will need a good lighting device to get the tinder going.  Ah, but what do we use as a starter to help get the tinder going?  Below are some easy and effective fire starters to aid in getting your fire going in no time.

Coated Cotton Balls – Take some cotton balls from the bathroom and coat them in petroleum jelly.  Place them in a plastic zippered bag, an old coffee can, or some other small container that is easy to pack with your camping gear.  They light easily and get a fire burning quickly.

Pine Cones – If you have pine trees, pick up any pine cones laying around.  Take the pine cones and dip them in hot wax.  Once the wax is cooled, place your new fire starters in a bag or can to use on your next camping trip.

Bacon Grease – Here’s a good one that I don’t see people utilizing too much anymore.  Our grandparents used to save bacon grease, and other frying grease in jars and reuse for future cooking and many other things.  One use for bacon grease is fire starting.  Keep some in a small plastic container that fits with your camping gear.  It lights fairly easy, burns hot, and gives off a great smell.

Coated Wood Chips – Get some small wood chips and place them in small plastic cups or other containers.  Simply pour some melted wax over the chips and let them harden.  You now have a great fire starter.

Dryer Lint – Save the lint from the clothes dryer after each load of laundry and keep them in an old egg carton.  Pour hot wax over the lint and you will have a dozen fuzzy fire starters that light easily and burn for several minutes.

These are just a few easy, no-cost ways you can help get your campfire going and begin enjoying time around the blaze.  If you have any other creative fire starters you’ve used, please comment below and let me know how they’ve worked.  Happy Camping!!

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